Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Farming Flags®: The Realtor's Little Helper

Farming Flags® For Property Listings

          Every Spring, people come out of their homes and start to shake off the winter chills; whether it be the parks, the local sports complex, it's easy to see that the warm weather gets people moving again. It's also the best time of the year to grab people's attention when listing property; it's no secret that the Spring season is the premier time to sell a home (followed by early fall). The only way to really garner attention is to stand out, and as far as property goes, beauty will always be a key factor. 

          Gardens are fresh in bloom, the yard is making a comeback (as are the trees), really, it would look as if the property as a whole is being born anew. Thus, you want to add onto the vivaciousness that mother nature is giving the lot, and one way to do that is with our Farming Flags. Our Farming Flags are the perfect solution in a large volume area (such as a neighborhood or subdivision), they attract attention naturally without being obtrusive or an eye-sore. Think back to the last time you've seen a listing; what you probably saw was the gangly, big, metallic real-estate company sign that had a box full of printed flyers (and it was probably empty to boot). That friends, is an eye-sore compared to the Farming Flags we carry at The Flag Company, Inc. 

          These high-quality flags are specially designed for the purpose of getting your listings noticed. They are durable, 100% made in the U.S.A, and should be utilized by every realtor. We also carry Compliment Cards that serve as the perfect companion to the Farming Flag.

          Don't let another missed opportunity go by, The Flag Company, Inc. designs products for customers of every nature, whether it's the casual customer looking for a State Flag to show a little pride, or a business looking for a Custom Flag Solution for their advertising needs, or you, the realtor looking for that extra marketing edge, we have you in mind, and your satisfaction is what we're aiming for!